We're Strategic Creatives Creators Aliens VREEMDE

We’re a group of ALIENS who came from another planet in a faraway galaxy,

where technology and Art take over everything in our lives,

we came to your earth humans to help in several fields!

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Our extensive experience From our Planet will help you to take steps forward in your business.
Digital Strategy & Advertising
Translating research insights into marketing and business strategy with a clear plan to achieve core brand & business goals.
Digital Distribution
Distribute & Sell your content in easy Steps. Reach Millions of Fans. Get Paid monthly. Keep posted of content Reviews & Analysis.
Concept Creation
We provide creative and out of the box ideas integrated and aligned with the brand’s strategy.
Media Production
From our Production House comes all the booming & creative productions that deliver the best outcome for our clients.
Social Media Marketing
Helping clients integrate social media into their business and marketing, providing the strategy, creativity, and implementation required to create communities and engage key audiences.
Copyrights & Legal Consultations
Providing expert and professional legal advice on a contractual basis to businesses and/or individuals in the IP law field.
Web Design & Development
In the world of digital marketing, your website is a crucial factor in your online presence. Whatever the client wants a microsite and interactive website for marketing needs, we help.
Public Relations
Build and maintain a positive public image for our artists and creators and handling all aspects of planned publicity campaigns and PR activities.
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